What does Productivity have to do with Passion?

By October 1, 2019 November 14th, 2019 Passion Cycle for Life & Dentistry

Productivity is not about…

…adding more stuff to your to-do list or increasing stress in your life in any way.  So, take a deep breath and relax…

I want to teach you how to be more strategic in the countless actions you are already taking. No one wants to add another heaping serving of busy to an already full plate. 

My intention is for you to be more intentional. 

Let’s face it… people who are passionate tend to be more productive. Why? Because they have defined and are living out, at some measure, something that brings them a sense of wellbeing. This is their passion.

Most people who are busy, stressed out, and depressed have one thing in common… confusion! They don’t know what they want or even where to start. So, they stay busy doing what they hate while they wait for someone or something to rescue them.

“If Passion is the fuel then productivity is the engine!”- Gary Zelesky

Productivity starts with a small step toward doing something about what you want. Not waiting for the right time, place, or enough money. Trust me that will never happen. Graphic showing the passion cycle

If you haven’t read The Passion Cycle: Making a Difference in the Marketplace yet, follow the link and do so now. This topic willmake more sense to you once you’ve been fully introduced to The Passion Cycle. 

In that piece, I talked about how each section of The Passion Cycle has 2 Tracking Performance Indicators (TPIs)? When we talked about Passion, our TPIs were Discovery and Deployment. For Productivity, our TPIs are Take and Action. Those are some strong words that may elicit an instant feeling from you, but before you judge, read on.

TPI Metrics of Productivity:  Take & Action


This performance indicator measures levels of priorities and one’s ability to understand what is truly of importance. It’s not about taking or making big action steps, it’s about simply understanding what is important to you and taking care of that before what is less important. Increased productivity (taking)is about clarity, not confusion. I take action when I am certain of the action I must take. Passionate people know what to take and when to take it. 

You can’t drive fast in the fog!

When I am confused about the expectations that have been placed on me I second guess myself and lack confidence in myself and those around me. 

The worst speaker is a confused one! 

The worst speech I ever gave was when, minutes before I was set to present, the meeting coordinator gave me a list of all the changes he wanted to make to my speech. I am open to a few last-minute changes but not an entire re-write. 

Passionate people are productive!

Passionate people know who they are and are confident enough to ask questions, take critique, make others better and be efficient. 

They simply care more than others! 

They take action because they know what action to take, when to take action, and most importantly where their actions will take them and others.  


A person’s actions are one of the greatest metric indicators of their peak performance especially when increased productivity is the highest priority. Action that is motivated by passion is intentional, proactive, and at times, sacrificial. 

I am the “Human Defibrillator”! 

When I am in my passion/calling (speaking) I am full tilt and ready and willing to do whatever it takes. I believe what I do off stage is just as important as my on-stage performance. My actions are much louder than my words. They are are seen and felt and become the metrics by which my value is measured.  

I am so grateful for the opportunity!

I go beyond what is expected because of the amazing opportunities organizations afford me to speak. 

  •     Passion makes me intentional about how I treat everybody.
  •     Passion makes me proactive in my response to meeting planners. 
  •     Passion makes me sacrificial in order to stay within budgets.  

Within the corporate structure, true productivity cannot happen without being measured by actions taken by passionate employees. 

Here are a few keys to taking action:

  •     You must take action because it will seldom be given to you. 
  •     Intentional versus busy! Being intentional means you are in control of your busy. 
  •     Productivity starts with setting and achieving ridiculous goals. Start with the end in mind.  
  •     Procrastination is not your friend. Stop waiting for perfect to show up.
  •     Stop telling people what you are going to do. Just do it.



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