There is NO age limit on discovering your passion!

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It was game on! Just me, a lousy PA system and 1000 High School students ready to learn about passion! 

Dr. Eric Hannapel invited his teenage sons to hear me speak at an event he was hosting for his referring dentists. After the event, Dr. Hannapel told me that his sons wanted to book me to speak at their High School. To be honest, I started my career doing assemblies all over the country, but it had been 15 years since my last assembly.  I didn’t know what to expect.

Out of my comfort zone into the passion zone.

His sons told me every year they have a community involvement assembly and most speakers were boring.

They said, “Your passion message would be perfect… is about finding what we love and making a difference.” 

I said,  “Guys, I am old enough to be your grandfather!

“But you said passion is ageless!” they said.  I hate when people quote me to me! I said , “Ok.  Let’s do this thing!

The boys were serious and put some real skin in the game. I found out later they had written a grant so they could pay me to speak. Booking the assembly was a logistical nightmare but their passion became the fuel that drove them past every obstacle. The date was set, and I was committed.

The gift of acceptance.

It was like an out of body experience. It all seemed to end as quickly as it started. 90 minutes seem to fly by and then to my complete amazement the kids gave me a standing ovation. An entire generation gave me the gift of acceptance not because I was amazing but because they were. The only generation gap was in my head, but I spoke from the heart. Don’t get me wrong… there is a place to be informative, but sometimes inspiration outperforms information.  

Passion Point:  Passion is expressed first through emotion which is ageless. It is not about closing a gap but building a bridge.

Humility and transparency are key to heart connection. Acknowledging my imperfection and the need to give others permission to speak into my life gave the audience the same freedom. We live in a time of great division where being offended has become vouge and personal value is measured by the number of “likes”. However, unlike virtual relationships connecting with these students was a moment of authenticity experienced because we breathed the same air and filled the same space. This is a true reality!

Break it Down: The Passion Cycle Graphic showing the passion cycle

Passion: They did the unexpected. Two Teenage boys at a dental meeting heard me speak. Passion is discovered and experienced in the most unlikely places. 

Productivity: They took a step forward. Dr. Eric’s sons used passion to fuel their greater purpose for an all-school assembly. Bottom line… they positioned their passion and acted.

Profit: Return on investment. Because two young men were willing to follow their passion, they rewarded faculty, students and me with the gift of acceptance.

Pleasure: It’s about the journey. Passion is not about instant gratification, but rather, long term plotting toward your goal. Pleasure is the reward when you reach the destination not the reason to begin.  

Bring Gary and his passion cycle to your next event

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