The Passion Cycle: Making a Difference in the Marketplace

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The background

For the past 30 years, I have been challenged by business owners to prove that passion can truly make a difference in the marketplace.

They ask me questions like, “Is passion much more than the feeling of a moment’s pleasure? Does passion really belong in the business section of the bookstore and not the romance section?”  

Without hesitation, I would suggest that passion correctly defined is the missing link within the corporate structure. I respond to those questions asked of me with questions of my own:

  •     What if passion and its practical effect on business could be measured? 
  •     What if passion could be used to analyze business performance?  
  •     What if passion, not simply position was the job performance indicator?

I have cracked the code!

The Passion Cycle

The answer to these questions leads us to my Passion Cycle. Within the Passion Cycle, there are 4 key benchmarks that measure successful movement:  Passion, Productivity, Profitability and Pleasure.   The final outcome is what I refer to as Optimal Energy Performance or OEP.


Graphic showing the passion cycle



Within each individual key benchmark, there are 2 Tracking Performance Indicators (TPI) that create an even greater focus and clarity. Please keep this in mind… The Passion Cycle is more than a tool of measurement it is a journey of refinement and retooling. The outcome might be your long-awaited business renaissance. 

TPI Metrics 

  1.   Passion Discovery: The discovery of one’s passion often takes place in the valleys of our lives and seldom on the mountain tops. Mountain tops generate new visions and dreams; however, valleys create character and integrity.

I measure my passion not by how much pleasure I am receiving now but by who I am becoming to others in the long haul. Passion is not a sprint but a life journey. I track my passion performance not by the pain I might be experiencing but by the person I am as a result of the pain. 

Note: Life’s valleys of painful experiences forge the strength and resiliency to not only discover your passion but also to deploy it, live it, and complete its journey. 

  1.   Passion Deployment: How do I measure deployment performance within my employment? Passion always finds ways to reward without the desire to be given personal recognition. To perform your passion in the workplace means to remind yourself in some way of what makes you happy. In being reminded of what brings you joy you are then reminded to perform acts that will bring less stress and greater fulfillment to those you work with.

Keep in mind that your passion performance is simply a hobby until it has been tested by the fire of opposition. Your acts of kindness to others might be met with resistance or even defiance. Passion deployment is measured by your performance, not theirs.

Passion Myths

Over the past 30 years I have been asked more questions about the most misunderstood word in the English language…Passion. To answer these passion questions let me start by telling you a few passion falsehoods: 

  •     It’s not all about you! Your passion can only be fulfilled in serving others as well as yourself.
  •     Your passion need only to make sense to you but must never be immoral or illegal. 
  •     Your gifts, talents, and abilities do not have to define your passion. What you are good at is not always what you are passionate about.
  •     There is never a “perfect time” to start living your passion.
  •     Passion has more to do with finding resilience in pain than fulfilment in pleasure.
  •     Passion assassins are many times those closest to you!
  •     Passion cannot be killed, destroyed, or lost. It can, however, be buried.
  •     Passion doesn’t know how old you are.
  •     Passion is expressed through your unique personality.
  •     Passion doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs performed.

Do you feel like you understand Passion yet? 


The Team Turbine

Now, we’ll delve into WHY the Passion Cycle works and point you to where you can learn more about each part of it. 

Check this out – The Team Turbine 

My wife Cherisse and I were traveling along the central coast of California when her brilliance surfaced (as it often does). We were discussing the Passion Cycle and she said, “What about the concept of a Team Turbine?”

After reading the definition of a turbine: a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work.

She went on to say, “This is what many corporate teams lack… the fluid flow, which is what The Passion Cycle provides.” 

The Passion Cycle contains the perfect metrics that provide consistent team fluid flow and needed momentum. The team turbine captures the positive energy within the work culture and, like a laser, narrows it for maximum efficiency 

When in tandem, the passion cycle and the team turbine convert fluid flow and captured energy into useful work or OEP (Optimal Energy Performance).

The Passion Cycle on Auto-Pilot

The best part? It is all self-generating with little or no need for endless incentives to incite motivation and commitment. All it takes is a single spark of recognition to ignite the process!  

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