PASSION STORY: The Dance That Changed My Life

By October 18, 2019 Passion
Tommy Franklin and Passion Expert Gary Zelesky

I hated being invited to a wedding, a party or any event where there was dancing involved.


My wife Cherisse loved to dance and had a passion for dancing, but I loathed it. This became a point of contention in our marriage, to say the least… until I met Tommy Franklin!

While speaking at a conference in Australia Cherisse and I met Tommy. This guy was freaky, but his story was amazing!

Through several life tragedies and countless disappointments Tommy found his passion, or should I say… passion found Tommy.

Tommy loved to dance.

Tommy was the second runner up in Australia’s Got Talent TV show which changed the course of his life.

Watch Tommy’s Australia’s Got Talent audition below. You’re gonna LOVE this!

Passion Point:
Your passion doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.


Tommy was like watching a freestyle skier… but without the skis.

At the conference in Australia Tommy was hired to simply dance.

That’s right…  DANCE!

But the real magic was Tommy’s ability to get everyone I mean everyone to dance along with him… including ME!


Passion Point:
Passion is never fulfilled in a secret place. It must include others.


On the dance floor in full view of everyone, I was doing the one thing I hated and loved every minute of it.




The Breakdown of Tommy Franklin’s Passion Cycle:


Tommy discovered and deployed his passion even during times of pain and opposition… He was called to dance.


Tommy acted past his fear and went on the TV show Australia’s Got Talent.


Tommy gets hired to dance as a result of moving past his fear and is rewarded with relational collateral by thousands through social media.


Tommy’s wellbeing was displayed by the level of happiness we all experienced just being around him.


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“On the dance floor in full view of everyone I was doing the one thing I hated and loving every minute of it.”


Passion has the power to not only change your life but also the lives of those around you.

Cherisse is thankful Tommy shared his passion with me, and so am I!

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