Contagious Energy

Purpose without passion is
a smoldering failure
waiting to happen!

“If you don’t have a passion for what you do, you are slowly wasting away. Figure out your passion, the career will follow.”

Passion Centered Person

Discover how knowing and embracing your Passion and the Passion of your team members will make your office more productive and profitable for everyone! Recent challenging economic times have tested (and will continue to test) the true resiliency and attitude of individuals. People who know their passion and live it are not defined by circumstances, but by courage. Gary’s presentations share exciting tools and systems for discovering and optimizing passion in both work and life. His hallmark energy and humor motivates and challenges all that attend. He utilizes presentation techniques that ensure attendees will remain engaged, be educated and leave energized to become the change they seek.

Chalk Talk aka Game On

Coach Z takes his audience from the bleachers to the locker room and then onto the playing field! Leadership is about your ability to persuade people in such an exceptionally powerful, positive way that they prefer to: Follow your lead, cooperate with you, hear from you, acquire from you, mentor you, employ you, work with you, support you, and value you. F.I.E.L.D Power contains 5 attributes that every leader must have on and off the corporate playing field. Learn the difference between the Exit Mentality and the Entrance Mentality when the workplace faces opposition.

Naked in Paradise

The lessons that remain in our lives are taught during times of great challenge and constant change. If it wasn’t for the power of innovation and his wife, Cherisse, Gary might still be stuck Naked in Paradise! This true event will have you laughing one minute and altering the way you think the next. Gary exposes 6 attitudes that every team must contain to build superior levels of empowerment, efficiency, enthusiasm and excellence in the workplace.


More referrals, more sales, more top rated team members and more money! How do some people maintain high levels of momentum in the day to day mundane work environment? How do they remain productive not simply busy? Gary lives the ENCORE Principal each and everyday of his life. He has to sell himself which is the foundation of any successful business. What are the 6 power keys that will change the way people see themselves, co-workers and today’s savvy consumer? Knowing how to sell yourself and connecting immediately to each customer individual’s buying style is more important than price, product, marketing or territory.

Big Laughs Bigger Lessons

Gary and Cherisse share the greatest lessons in life from some of the most embarrassing ones. Big Laughs Bigger Lessons is the message you’ll love to listen to and laugh with, but are so glad you aren’t the one it happened to. It’s the moments we would love to forget. Can’t believe it happened to us, wish to God that no one would know….and here we are putting these experiences out to the world. You know– the moments we have all had…and at the time we thought we could never survive, but in reality has been our greatest teacher.

Glory Days

It’s not about what you what you did last year, last month or even 20 years ago. But here is the reality—it’s not about retirement or what you are going to do somewhere and sometime down the road. It’s about one thing: NOW. It’s time to stop living in the ‘what ifs’, what was, and what could be and start living in what you are doing at this very moment. Glory Days is pure high octane rocket fuel.  If you feel like things have been in a ‘slump’ this is the message you want, no strike that–you need.

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"Your program was instrumental in the success of our annual conference. The innovation approach of your presentation enhanced the groups dynamics, increased participation and created a relaxed and informative atmosphere which was a refreshing change to the typical association environment.


There are very few people who invite their audience to choose a better life, provide a blueprint and can coach you through the process. Gary’s life passion principles will make you cry, laugh (sometimes at the same time) while you make goals towards what fulfillment is for you. Why settle for mediocrity when a passion filled life awaits you!


I would without hesitation recommend you to anyone who is not simply looking for a speaker but someone who will leave the attendees with personal and professional tools that will increase their productivity and profitability.