4 Signs You Have A Passion Centered Dental Team

By October 18, 2019 November 14th, 2019 Passion, Passion Cycle for Life & Dentistry

In my experience, there are 4 basic signs that demonstrate if a team is passion centered or problem-driven.

As a passion coach the first thing I look for above anything else within the dental practice is “individual and team recognition”.   Trust me I get that there are some team members that struggle with being in the spotlight, but no one struggles with feeling needed.

Passion is personal and can only be appreciated and empowered when individual recognition takes precedence over team recognition.
Case in point… general dentistry might be universal in scope but the success of the practice is the ability to make each individual patient feel they are your highest priority. Why should it be any different with team members just because they work there?
Graphic showing the passion cycle 

4 signs of a passion centered team:


Team members desire/hunger to be totally present every moment by maintaining eye contact, non-distractive listening skills, world class patient care and asking the right questions.


Team members desire to be organized, proactive and on time. They are intentional concerning what or who has priority and understand the attitude rigid flexibility. The are not demanding but they are deliberate.


Team members understand that the practice is a business that must generate profits. Therefore, they consider the overall cost to the practice above their personal comfort while at the practice. Referral marketing in a team mindset experienced through team and patient care.


Team members consider others above self by being aware of personal mood swings, destructive communication and a general disinterest in their disposition. Question? Do you repel or invite others?




I believe the most identifiable sign if a practice is passionate is on their drive home after work. Passion is not restricted by a location but by an attitude. Now it is time to demonstrate your passion toward the people who deserve it the most… family.

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